Tips on how to choose an Investment Loan

Here's some tips to help you choose an investment loan:

1. Your Investment Strategy

First, set your financial goals and investment strategy - are you looking at a long term or short term gain? Do you want to take a passive or aggressive approach? For example, are you looking to own a few properties where you can live comfortably off their rental income or, are you looking to build a portfolio of properties which you can sell, cash up and move to the south of France? Will you structure your repayments to pay off the loan as quickly as possible or structure them in order to obtain a tax benefit?

2. Your Loan Options

Second, research the types of loans available so you can explore all options when talking to your mortgage provider. Some of the more popular loan choices for investments are:

  • Introductory Rate or 'Honeymoon' Loan
  • Line of Credit/Equity Line
  • Redraw Facility
  • All In One Accounts
  • 100% Offset Account
  • Split Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Bridging Loans

3. Your Loan Provider

Now you've got your strategy and have researched the loan choices available to you, the last step in the process is to select your loan provider and work with them to determine the best type of loan for your circumstance and strategy.

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